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Individual Erotica Portfolio

Erotica Portfolio

Erotica is visual literature crafted to arouse sexual desire. These types of images can be added to a regular Boudoir Shoot or it can be a stand-alone Session.

For some clients, they want to play with a risque theme to elevate themselves beyond normal boudoir. This crafted scenario can arouse feelings of voyeurism for their partner. 

Erotica captures the concept of intimacy in a delicate, beautiful, and powerful way! Erotica can be whatever you want it to be to reflect you or your relationship! 

All images posted on this website has been posted with Permission! Client sessions are never published without permission!

“I had a wonderful time. Jaques was very Professional and made me feel very comfortable. I was able to bring a friend and he was open to all of our ideas for the shoot. I would definitely recommend him! Thanks for an amazing shoot!”


“Jaques is amazing! He makes you feel comfortable. It was so much fun that truly flew by!”


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